The Beast

“Happily Ever After”

It is funny how it’s engraved in your mind from such a young age to believe in fairy tales. We all know they are just some fictional stories. You grow up thinking you’re done with that, and that they were merely childhood entertainment and you are past it.

Honestly, you are never past it, and never will be. You believe in love, but they didn't tell you that love is a utopia. Like any Utopia, it is a fleeting moment that you will exuberantly enjoy and give up your life and yourself for it, just to realize that sooner it will all fade away. It will be deformed and transformed into this monster. A monster that will hunt you…forever. Like a cancer it will spread inside you rapidly and viciously, until you won't be able to exterminate, extract, or differentiate it from your other healthy cells.  

Love is an addiction; like every utopia you will always crave for more, even after a callous bite that will linger for ages. You can't stop wanting it, because deep down you believe it’s real and true, because you have been anticipating it and waiting for it since your childhood days. You know it is out there, but the treasure is yet to be found. You can't give up, you don't want to, because they taught you giving up your goals and hopes is a failure, and we don't want that. We don't want failure or anything or anyone attributed to it. Failure is bad; Success is what we are after.

You know, Hoping for love has ruined my life. Any kind of love…All kinds of love, not just romantic!

You Learn the hard way that, in this generation, there are three R’s that will never work out: Relationships, revolution, and religion.

Love, like revolution, is a sweet fairy tale, but fairy tales are fiction.