The Perfect Now

Utopia is the false promise of a far future that is perfect and complete in every way imaginable, in all aspects of life.  It is a future that you wait for. It will happen only when it’s time to happen. 

What they didn't tell you is that utopia is a moment. It is not a future. We will never get enough of a ‘perfect now’. It is a moment of perfection as you imagine it to be, a euphoric feeling. A moment of achievement and success. Like every other moment it vanishes after awhile. It is impermanent. It is very ephemeral. You know how you earn money after working for long hours, and then in an instant you spend it all on your living expenses or even on nonsense? It’s the same exact thing with utopia: You have to work really hard in order to earn it. But when finally you are about to enjoy its fruits, you only get to smell it or only have one bite, then all of a sudden it…BOOM….vanishes. Then you have to work hard all over again, because (poor you), you are now craving it after tasting that little bite, and you stay stagnantly stuck in this never-ending cycle forever. THAT’s your future. THIS IS THE FUTURE.

Did you know that we could’ve achieved a lot of progress in science and technology, far beyond extraterrestrial possibilities and artificial intelligence, if we didn't have such fundamentally conservative minds?

Did I mention that you should reconsider dystopia?